Monday, December 27, 2010

Your goals need goals, 2011 NYE

The holidays are over and many of us are beginning to move around again after that last piece of coma inducing, pecan pie. If you're like Coach Burgess, you've already begun to set and attack goals for New Years, 2011. If you're like many, nows the time you start assessing how much physical and financial damage you've done and setting those goals. Problem is, no one thinks much about how they'll get to those goals. You've gotta have a plan. Your goals need little goals of their own. A road map so to speak.
Lets say I wanna get from San Diego to New York. I'll start by heading east, and that might work for a bit until I see the desert and get scared and come back for a taco. I'd do better if I took a moment to plan my trip, and set little stops or goals along the way. This way I don't have to worry about getting to New York in one jump. I can start with getting to the next city and the next. Each time I do it gets me a little closer to my destination and gives me a chance to refuel, enjoy the trip, and revel in the success thus far.
Strength, fitness, and fat loss work the same way. State what you ultimately want and write it down. Next list some activities or habits that will help you get there. Your goals should focus on those activities which will help you most to achieve your goal. If you want to grow eat tons, squat, deadlift, and press. If you want to do a pull up, practice some sort of light pulling several days per week. If you want to lose fat start doing interval training 3-4 days per week and eating right.
If these changes aren't pushing you in the right direction perhaps you held the map upside down and need to reconsider your planned changes. If you're getting there, but not fast enough, maybe you are taking too many detours or backtracking with bad habits.
Ultimately any plan is better than none. Start by stating your goal. Do a little research to help you map the best route to suit your needs. Then follow it. If you do that much you are ahead of most, and can always figure out things you may need to fix along the way. Best wishes and good luck to everyone in 2011.


  1. The problem most people have with the program you're suggesting is it's hard to find time for interval training 4 days a week. They can only improve their eating habits to stay healthy and hopefully lose weight.

  2. I don't think 20-30 minutes of interval training 4 days/week is very much to ask of someone. If it is then they probably need to reevaluate their goals and lifestyle to determine if they intend to set less lofty goals or start making time in their schedule to take care for their health.


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